Here I will blather endlessly about my feelings and opinions related to my transitioning.

20 NY/MA En/Ru

Transsexual male

Stealth in real life

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A brief message for the many people desperate to inform me that my scars are in fact, red:

I had absolutely no idea! Wow! If only there were some kind of reflective device installed somewhere in my house that would allow me to gaze upon the apparently “angry,” “garish,” “bright,” and “wide” lines on my chest! I thank you from the bottom of my “deformed” torso for your countless acts of charity that are messaging me in an effort to enlighten me about my own body.

What’s more is there are so many of you surprising me with the fact that these lines are going to be on my chest for the rest of my life! Like, damn… I wish my surgeon had told me that beforehand! Who knew? Obviously I rushed into this decision and neglected to do any research. Of course, as humans we have the ability to immediately regenerate skin, muscle, and nerves within hours of undergoing medical procedures; you would think they’d mention something like red lines being visible 4 months after large amounts of tissue are removed!

A very special shout-out to the person who suggested seeing a doctor to “cut the scars off.” I will get right on that, because that is the most sound medical advice I have ever heard in my whole 20 years on this planet. Seriously dude, did you go to Johns Hopkins?


In other transition-related news:

I picked up a couple of copies of a notarized letter from my doctor to take to the SSA office and the passport office to finally get my new SS card and passport with my legal name and gender on them! I’m thankful at least I’ve got my license which has the correct name and gender on it, I just hate the new NY license. At least it’s only vertical for another few months…

These are the best photos I can find right now to show how my chest has been healing

Taken at 1 week, 1 month, and 3 months post op