Here I will blather endlessly about my feelings and opinions related to my transitioning.

20 NY/MA En/Ru

Transsexual male

Stealth in real life

This is a secondary blog, so I can't follow-back.

I would strongly prefer for the content posted here to refrain from being shared on facebook groups/pages/the like.


Making my final payment for my top surgery on Friday!

25 days until I get my bloodwork sent down, 34 days until I fly down, and 36 days until I’ll be post-op!

Thing I learned about myself today:

If I have someone wake me up early in the morning to do my shot I will be too sleep-delirious to freak out, won’t feel it, and can’t see it because I don’t usually put my eyes [contacts] in until I’ve been up for a while.

Chest/upper body comparison pre-T vs 17 months on T

40 days until top surgery

Spring haircut achieved (though I fucked up a sideburn)

~17 months on T

Just had to go rent a camera for a few days through my school with my ID that has my birth name on it. (even though the art department has my real name on everything because they’re great)

The girl kept punching in my ID number and typing in my last name looking for the name on my ID even though there are only so many photography students and none of them share either my first or last name.

Very much looking forward to legally changing my name this summer.